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Introducing South America (English) DVD
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Price: $39.95.
Length: 22 Minutes.
Number of Parts: 1.
Release Date: 8/6/2004.
UPC: 693940208836.
     Region Free.
Learning Objectives:
     1) An overview of the geography and climatic conditions that shape the South American continent will be provided.
     2) Some of the major landscape features of South America--rivers, mountains, plains, and waterfalls - will be shown.
     3) Students will be given a basic introduction to South America - to its people, to their traditions, and to the agriculture and industry that support them.
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From the Caribbean to Tierra del Fuego, from the mouth of the Amazon to the Andes --the history, cities, geographical features, and people of South America are investigated. Narrated in English.

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